Dr. Paulette M. Bethel, PhD, MPA, CMC – is an internationally known expert on human behavior and leadership development. Her knowledge spans 35 years of cross-disciplinary work and research. She has worked with public and professional audiences globally.

She is a trained marriage and family therapist, certified master coach, workshop leader, trainer and a former non-profit leader. Paulette is also a career US Air Force Military Officer with a background in logistics and program management and has lived and worked throughout the United States and in 15 countries around the globe.

She has appeared in multiple national and international newspapers and magazines and is a multiple recipient of prestigious awards and honors.

Paulette loves helping others to overcome their challenges and to discover their gifts and activate their dreams through her explorative and narrative coaching approach, transformational learning, strategic storytelling and mindful play.

Paulette has chosen Texas as her home, along with her loving husband, Ralph. They have 4 children and 7 wonderful grandchildren. Paulette originally hails from New Orleans and a large extended family that has been radically altered and evolving since having her DNA tested in 2018. She loves reading and is currently involved in a few writing projects