After an NPE discovery impacted her own family, Rebekah saw the eminent need for a voice to be given to individuals being affected by their unexpected DNA testing results. She has been part of the leadership team of NPE Friends Fellowship since the beginning, in 2018.

For over two decades, Rebekah has held a global presence through devoting her efforts to various nonprofits and organizations. Her background is diverse, including educational and mental health content development, international relations, and public speaking.

Rebekah is also a consultant, writer, and advocate with the mission of supporting survivors of spiritual abuse and religious trauma by providing resources to educate and equip not only survivors, but the public as well.

She is a board member with two non-profit organizations The Vashti Initiative and the Attachment and Trauma Network.

Rebekah holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in: Urban Ministry and Family Crisis, Counseling, and Religious Education and is also a Certified Professional Life Coach. She has made appearances on and consulted with sources including BBC, NBC and ABC, and a variety of other platforms such as podcasts and film projects.

Rebekah’s book, When Family Hurts: 30 Days to Finding Healing and Clarity, was released in December of 2021. She is a co-author of the research paper, Percentage of U.S. Adults Suffering from Religious Trauma: A Sociological Study, as well as an author in the 2023 collaborative book, Hope in the 2020s: Encouragement for our time.