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For a little more than $10 per month ($125 annually) you can be a Patron of NPE Friends Fellowship.

As a Patron you are helping fund and subsidize efforts which support the mental and emotional wellbeing of the NPE community and beyond.  These efforts include:

  • NPE Trauma Recovery Coaching Program
  • NPE Mental and Emotional Health Research
  • Online Support and Discussion Groups
  • Virtual and In-person Meet & Greets
  • Travel Grant Program
  • DNA Test Kit Grant Program
  • Annual Conference and Other Events
  • DNA Search Angels Program
  • and more!

Your patronage to NPE Friends Fellowship will allow us to continue to provide these services and achieve our goals of providing even greater support to NPEs by raising awareness, fostering community, and developing educational platforms all for NPEs, their families and the public.

NPE Friends Fellowship is a volunteer run organization.

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Join four of our Friends as they share their personal NPE stories and recount their experience with NPE Friends Fellowship and our first conference, in 2019.