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  • Membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older qualifying as an NPE
  • Members must NOT conduct any fraudulent or business activity or have more than one Member Account at any time.
  • Members promise to contribute to the group with an attitude of encouragement. Content posted must exclude vulgarities. Any combative, rude, or vulgar behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Members commit to working towards their own healing and Peace.
  • Members respect the privacy of all members by not sharing anything (names, posts, photos, etc.) seen within our private online groups.
  • I understand that violation of any of these rules is grounds for termination of membership.
  • I understand that NPE Friends Fellowship is a support network, not a licensed counseling agency.
  • I understand that NPE Friends Fellowship encourages me to seek out professional counseling as appropriate for my situation.

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You have selected the Patron membership level.

  • Quarterly newsletter.
  • Submit an article, for consideration, for our blog and newsletter.
  • Private Members-Only Facebook Group.¬† Designed for Members Only and available 24/7.¬†Opportunity to read articles pertaining to our NPE journey and learn about each other's own personal story and how they have healed from their discoveries so far. Sharing of photos from family meetings and celebrations.

The price for membership is $125.00 now.

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