No Exit Room

So here is my first blog post. I’m not a writer. I don’t write. Well, except grocery and to do lists. But I’ll just say what comes to mind…

Has anyone ever watched Tin Cup, starring Kevin Costner and Rene Russo? Costner plays a washed up golf pro located in the Texas boonies. Rene Russo plays a therapist via a correspondence course who has her own crazy hand ups. Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy (Costner) falls head over heels for Dr. Molly Griswold (Russo). To get close to her and perhaps get a little therapy at the same time, he visits her office. He sneaks in through a back door… and into the Exit Room. He finds a hysterical woman there and gets admonished by Dr. Griswold for entering the building through the “exit room”, a place where patients can pull themselves together in privacy prior to exiting the building.

So today was my first session with a therapist. The first thing my daughter asked when she called to find out how it went was whether there was an exit room. No, not even close. When I pulled up to the building of the address I was looking for, there was not even a sign to tell me where I was.

My husband and I recently (June 29th) sold our home of 26 years in Tampa and have relocated to Crystal River Florida. We are renting a place while our new home is being built. What a culture shock! Big.. HUGE difference between here and the Tampa Bay area. Anyway, back to therapy. I entered the waiting room or lobby.. I’m not really sure what to call it. It was simple. Plain. Cold. There was a desk, I think… It was more like a table trying to look like a desk. Some chairs along a wall. Not much of anything on the walls. Nothing serene or calming about it. Actually, thinking about it now, it sort of reminds me of a DMV, on a very, very small scale. Nothing would remotely indicate that this is where one may come for help in figuring things out or tips on how to find inner peace. I did have the urge to quietly leave in the same manner I entered. But I stayed. There aren’t a lot of choices in this town or the surrounding area. There were a few children and women and men of various ages. As I walked in there was a sheriff’s deputy just inside the door. One question that immediately came to mind was to just how messed up is this town? But then again, I realize there aren’t many choices. But the woman I had my appointment with seemed nice enough and sympathetic. I gave her an overview of what I’m dealing with. As I was leaving I figured I’d give this place another try. And I noticed… there was no exit room.